About – What We Do

1. Hold monthly meetings Our monthly meeting features speakers such as the Mayor of Fort Myers, Lee County elected officials including the Sheriff, the Supervisor of Elections, and County Commissioners, as well as leaders of organizations such as Lee Health, and many more.  We meet monthly except in non-election years where we do not meet in the summer months.

2. Candidate Forums  In an election year, the club hosts forums for Republican candidates for local and state offices. The forums provide an opportunity for attendees to listen to the candidates’ views on issues of interest and ask questions of the candidates.  Instead of paying for the luncheon, the attendees have the option of writing a check to the Republican candidate of their choice with the club covering their luncheon costs. The amount of contribution is up to the member.

3. Inform our members. on the political happenings here in Lee County, the state and the nation as we present issues on all three levels.

4. Connect elected officials with their constituents Elected officials can attend our meetings and meet a large group of their constituents, allowing for a flow of ideas and conversations between the government and the people.

5. Present the annual GEM Award to an outstanding elected official or community leader who demonstrates:

     GREAT Leadership
     ESTABLISHES successful program/practices
     Makes positive changes in our community

6Bring together a group of women from diverse backgrounds with sometimes differing opinions and ideas who work together for a common goal of “promoting political awareness”.


Membership – $25 per year, Associate Membership (male) $15
Luncheons – $20
Contact info: Diane Kinser- membership chair.  Email social.lady@yahoo.com

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