President’s Message

I hope that each of you had a joyous Holiday Season and now we turn to the year ahead. And what an interesting 2016 it will be and a year with a lot at stake for our Country.

In the next few weeks we will be in the process of watching the presidential candidates going through their paces and we will see primaries in a few states and of course our Florida Primary on March 15th coincidentally also the date of our Annual Fashion Show entitled “Road to the White House”. I know that I don’t have to remind any of you to vote, but we need to encourage our families and friends and neighbors to do the same… in fact invite your friends to come to the Fashion Show and stop by to cast your ballot on the way!

We have some very competitive races locally and our Club will be doing our best to give these local candidates the opportunity to present their platforms during forums at our upcoming meetings.

Once again we will be offering you the opportunity to donate to your candidate of choice in place of paying for your attendance/meal at our upcoming meetings. This is a practice that we started several years ago and is just another means of actively supporting our mission. Make your check to the candidate of your choice and give it to the ladies at the registration desk and we will make sure that it gets to the candidate.

So our headliner in January is a forum for the Sheriff’s Race. As with each of the forums we hold, all registered Republican candidates will be invited for each of the races highlighted. If they are not able to attend we will announce
that at the meeting… but we do not allow a surrogate to represent them.

Please plan to attend and bring your support and questions! We are on the road to an exciting 2016! I hope that all of us will resolve to get involved with all the campaigns and help to elect Republicans to each and every position and I challenge each and every one to make the pledge to get a Republican President elected for the future of our country!

-Carole Green